Ian Porter is a Sydney-based community musican who brings the social joys and technical skills of music to a broad audience.

Ian studied for his Bachelor of Music at the Sydney Conservatorium in the early 1980s with Trumpet performance as his major. He also took conducting classes with Richard Gill,  and spent many hours arranging music for small orchestral ensembles as well as cabaret and jazz bands. Ian chose a different career after studying and returned to the music scene around 2010 when he discovered the joys of the ukulele. Being both cheap(ish) and portable, and with only four strings, Ian found his classical training helped him learn quickly. Ian’s early training was with international teachers including James Hill and Matt Dahlberg, among others. His style is eclectic and covers techniques from the crazy strumming of Jake Simabukuro and Hawiian-style, to James Hill, folk and finger picking chord melodies

Ian’s teaching began in Chatswood at the Dougherty Centre, where he still leads classes throughout the year from beginners to advanced. He also teaches privately  upon request. Ian’s teaching always includes the use of video and audio to assist students to learn faster and to have something to keep them on track when at home.

He completed the three-year James Hill Ukulele Initiative ukulele teaching course and uses some of James’ methods and concepts in his classes, as well as his own Australian-ised material.

Ian was a founding officer of the Australia Ukulele Teachers and Leaders Association Inc (AUTLA), which began in 2016 and now has over 60 members. 

The association is a great resource and support for teachers through the country and provides much needed professional development. Ian is the current secretary.

In 2017 Ian also founded The Outlaws Big Ukulele Band, which plays multi-part ukulele pieces at festivals around the country. The Outlaws consists of music and ukulele teachers who rehearse to audio files then get together the night before a concert – quite a feat!

Lessons and workshops with Ian are always fun, but also challenging. Ian believes you will only get out of music what you put into it (as a performer), and hence provides you with a lot of techniques, material and resources to assist your journey. Classes are tailored to the level of the group, and flexibility of pace and style is one of Ian’s hallmarks. Whether you want to just strum and sing with a local community group, or on your couch at home, or enjoy the benefits of learning sound technique for solo performing, Ian can assist you. So get in touch and start your ukulele journey today by email info@ianportermusic.com.au or call 0438672732!