Past Events

January 2019 – Willoughby Ukulele Orchestra Workshop


Valla Beach Ukulele Beach Camp (featuring Sam Muir (UK) )

(1st-3rd August 2019, Valla Beach, NSW)

This festival was a fun weekend of ukulele learning and playing run by Cathy Welsford from Valla Beach (and one of the Wild Women from Anywhere Beach). Ian ran a brief ukulele orchestra workshop on the Saturday, as well as performing with the faculty. For more details see: Valla Beach Ukulele Beach Camp


SPRUKE ukulele festival

(13th-15th September, SunPac Brisbane, QLD)

Ian will be delivered a workshop on strumming the Jake Shimabukuro way, as well as a performance from the OUTLAWS Big Ukulele Band. The repertoire for the Band is always exciting to play and a treat to hear.. below is an example from Blue Mountains recently.. the version we are performing at SPRUKE is even better!


Strings Attached festival

(11th-13th October, Margaret River, WA)

Scott Wise is the patron of this ‘Luthier’ festival. As the name suggests all things stringed includes guitars and mandolins, dulcimers, ukuleles. Ian led two workshops, one using some of James Hill’s techniques found in his Booster Uke book, the pother on strumming. Ian also performed solo