Mozart Symphony #40 K550, 1st Movement excerpt


Symphony No. 40 in G minor, K. 550 was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1788. It is sometimes referred to as the “Great G minor symphony”. The first movement, Molto Allegro begins darkly, not with its first theme but with the accompaniment. This arrangement contains the first two themes and ends in the relative major key just prior to where the development passage would start.

This is indeed a challenging piece to play on ukulele, especially trying to mimic some of the natural string-section sounds of an orchestra. The expert-level is quite demanding, but all the other parts have been carefully scored to be very playable by players of all levels.

Your purchase will allow you to copy sufficient parts for ONE group.

If you require a licence to play this arrangement in more than one group, please purchase additional copies for each.



For Ukulele Orchestra:C6 Tuning, 4 x Hi G parts ,2 x Lo G parts,1 x strum part & Bass

For all player levels, does require one demanding ‘expert’ level part

Each pack comes with a score in notation, and separate parts (in both TAB and Notation), as well as a short introduction with playing notes. 

Here is a Soundcloud file  with Ian playing all the parts