Pick Me First Polka – original


This is a fun introduction to picking for your group. With only three parts it can be played on both Hi and Lo G tuned ukuleles. Why not try to do both parts together as a solo?

There is a picking part which has the melody ‘call’ and a strumming part which ‘responds’ to the call with strums. Focus on an even strum using a metronome to practice. The picking can be acheived with just the thumb or you can use it to develop flat picking with a plectrum

In simple ABA ternary form, the second ‘A’ section should be played as fast as you can without losing control.

Your purchase will allow you to copy sufficient parts for ONE group.

If you require a licence to play this arrangement in more than one group, please purchase additional copies for each.

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Easy beginner original for Ukulele Orchestra:C6 Tuning, 1 x picking part1 ,1 x strum & Bass. 

Playable on either HI or Low G tuned ukes

For beginner player levels,  this is a great piece to introduce picking to your group

Each pack comes with a score in notation, and separate parts (in both TAB and Notation), as well as a short introduction with playing notes.