Technical Warm-up Exercises and Basic Scales


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Over 45 pages of technical finger independence, strumming, and warmup exercises.

  • Suits players of all levels, in both TAB and notation.
  • NOTE: This is a digital file only.

Extract from Preface:

Many people have been asking me for a set of exercises they can use for warm-ups as well as the material that covers the basics of scales which are useful to ukulele playing. I have compiled a series of exercises that I use and which teachers and students alike can use to build finger independence and flexibility.

You will gain the most benefit from daily practice. These exercises can be performed from cover-to-cover, or you can pick and choose those that you are finding the most useful, or for skill development in general. Try to be structured in your warm-up and technical work each day, as part of a larger practice regime. I would recommend about a third of your practice schedule each day should be spent on skills training, a third on repertoire (set pieces and etudes you are trying to build to be performance-ready) and the final third on just jamming and having fun!

There are a lot of teachers out there including so-called ‘experts’ on social media. Furthermore, and historically speaking, there are far fewer dedicated ukulele methods compared to other instruments. The result is a lot of different opinions as to what constitutes correct technique. This book, and my methods in general, are but one way. They have worked well for me and are based on my formal training in music, my experience teaching music, including the ukulele, and in discussions with other teachers of stringed instruments around the globe. The essential point to keep in mind is that these exercises are just the tip of the ice-berg in terms of what is possible. All the exercises can be altered, extended or completely rebuilt. They are NOT melodic and should not be considered etudes.

The exercises can be played on both High and Low G C6-tuned ukuleles of any size. If you are purely reading the TAB, you can also use them for standard Baritone and D6 tunings, albeit the names of notes and scales will be totally incorrect. Some left hand fingering is suggested, otherwise standard ukulele TAB and music notation is used throughout.

The book is in 4 sections: starting with warm-ups that focus on finger independence and flexibility, then an exercise in fast strumming, chords and their inversions, and finally ‘some’ scales. Not every possible scale is shown as the book uses patterns for learning. Once you have memorised the patterns go back and think about the actual notes you are playing. Learning the fretboard in isolation is like learning phone numbers in a telephone directory before you actually need to use them. Play something new, then commit the new note positions to memory for next use.

Please remember that these exercises in isolation will not make you a better musician, only playing actual music with a good teacher will do that. Get yourself one or at least a very technically competent and honest critic.

Extract of Table of Contents:

Left Hand (Individual notes)
Major Chord Inversions, Giant Steps & Dominant 7ths
Right Hand Fast Strumming
Scale Basics
·      Ascending & Descending Major /Minor (Hi and Low G) & running 3rds
·      Major Pentatonic
·      Minor Pentatonic / Blues
Major scale Modes
Broken chords and arpeggios
·      Diatonic Broken Chords of the C scale & Arpeggios
·      Harmonised scale