Ukulele Groups

Ukulele group playing is a fun way to share your experiences and joy of music with other like-minded people.

Ian has several groups operating on the North Shore of Sydney. One specifically designed for his ex-students as well as local Willoughby residents (Willoughby Ukestars). Two other groups operate during the day-time and are more relaxed, fun with simpler strumming and singing.

I have been to several Uke groups in Sydney over a couple of visits and honestly yours is the best yet in the material and challenges that you have had us attempt. Well done.” – Just one of the lovely reviews Ian has received from his Group. 

In all groups Ian adds moments of teaching to help the entire group improve and learn. Come along to the next one in your area.

Community Playing Groups:

Willoughby Ukestars

Northern Sydney Ukulele Strummers

For any other information please call Ian to discuss – 0438672732 or email